The Tripsitter

Short Film

The young Lisa shares her frustrations about life with her guru after she took some hallucinogenic mushrooms. When she gets into a bad trip, his influence on her becomes more oppressive. Unable to distinguish between reality and fantasy, she needs to break free of his ideas.


Paulien Foest
Jurriaan Bruinier

Key Crew

Conceived and directed by Sjoerd van Wijk
Executive Producer: Dženita Čamo
Director of Photography: Roeland Bentvelzen
Editor: Ayşe Remmler


Country of Production: The Netherlands
Date of Production: April 2023
Genre: Psychological Drama
Themes: Drugs, Environment & Nature, Hope, Nightmare Situation, Philosophy, Social Criticism
Runtime: 8 minutes


Go Short International Short Film Festival – Nijmegen, The Netherlands – April 9, 2023
Kansas City Underground Film Festival – Kansas City, Missouri, United States of America – September 8, 2023
Amsterdam Lift-Off Festival – Amsterdam, The Netherlands – October 9 until November 6, 2023
Tegenstroom Filmfestival – Terneuzen, The Netherlands – May 9 until May 11, 2024

Made with the financial support of Groeispurt fonds.