Short Film

Three girls are tied up together and dropped in the middle of nowhere. They’re yearmates taking part in the hazing period of a sorority and need to get back in time to succeed at this task. Yet they won’t move and argue because they don’t particularly like each other. With a deadline looming they need to set aside their differences to succeed. They find a fragile friendship in the process.


Robin Launspach – Gina Rijsteborgh
Davida Blom – Brigitte Bakker
Julia Olsthoorn – Frauke von Wolfhausen

Key Crew

Screenwriter & Director – Sjoerd van Wijk
Executive Producer – Dženita Čamo
Director of Photography – Roeland Bentvelzen
Editor – Ayşe Remmler


Original Title: Jaarsgenoten
Country of Production: The Netherlands
Date of Production: December 2021
Genres: Drama, Comedy
Themes: Coming-of-Age, Friendship, Sub Culture, Youth
Runtime: 11 minutes